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We are fully fuctionable and back online! Sorry for the members that had joined over the past year but we did not know that the site was still running on someone else's cpanel until we renewed the domain name a few weeks ago! This is our latest news ticker we just installed!

Welcome to Easy TE Traffic Exchange
Another Site by Media-Unlimited Network
We have changed our surf timers for free members to 5 sec manual surf and 10 sec for auto surf!

You are just moments away from a Traffic Exchange that offers you all the power and benefits that you have been looking for.
Developed by surfers for surfers, this script combines all the features you need, all that you could wish for into one simple to use system.
It is free to join and you can begin to enjoy the benefits today.

So Many Great Ways To Earn Credits

  • Auto and Manual Surf .
  • Signup bonus (you will have to surf 50 Manual sites to earn them).
  • Signup bonus (you will have to surf 100 Auto sites to earn them).
  • Random Prize Pages (click to to win).

More Features

  1. Splash Pages and banners to help you promote and build your downline.
  2. Earn credits on referral spends (varies on your membership level). Surfbar ads or even the First Page shown to all surfers.
  3. Anti-cheat protection is built in.
  4. Safe surfing, all sites are checked by admin before they are approved.
  5. Easy access to Admin support.

Getting Started Is so Easy

  • Signup for your FREE account today (read our Terms first).
  • Activate your account when you receive our Welcome email (if your email address bounces you will not get the activation link and you will not be allowed access, we recommend that you use a free Gmail account).
  • Add your sites (admin will check them before they are approved).
  • Surf and earn.
  • Credits will be automatically assigned to your sites.
  • Purchase credits, banner ads, featured ads, text ads, surfbar ads when you need them.
  • Upgrade your account and enjoy even more benefits.

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Top 10 Auto Surfers
Michael E. Lines417967
willis jackson213554
Robert Norton83295
Best Free Traffic64754
Free Ads Listing36191
Theresa Bracko34210
Doug Porschet33623
Duane Birth26012

Top 10 Manual Surfers
Free Ads Listing17725
William Neideffer1862
Michael Lines635
Roger Bales610
Tom Openshaw446
emily johnson436
Ron Crockett311
Best Free Traffic159
Michael E. Lines136

Top 10 Referrers
John Weir13
Randy Gullickson10
Best Free Traffic9
Robert Norton5
Jiri Lukavec3
William Neideffer2
R Girard1
willis jackson1

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